Website Designer


Website Designer

  1. A web designer who excels at front-end design using UI/UX research, with experience working on WordPress and other similar platforms. A good candidate is preferably someone who has worked at a digital agency and is comfortable developing and managing brand websites, landing pages, emailers, search marketing display banners etc.

  2. A WordPress designer who can enhance designs and the visual presentation and look of a WordPress website using graphic design tools. The designer is generally capable of using the various options and settings in a WordPress dashboard, and of using pre-made themes, pre-created plugins and graphics, editing and optimization possibilities inside WordPress. Other software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD/ Figma and similar alternative programs could also be creatively used. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is a plus for the candidate.

  3. A WordPress designer who may function like a traditional web designer or rely more heavily on the features of WordPress to design websites. The designer may also design on Photoshop as he/she would for any other type of website, but he/she will do so with WordPress in mind. The WordPress designer will rely on existing themes. He/She may use themes that can be easily customized through Simplotel’s Admin Panel and do most of their actual work in WordPress. He/She may or may not also edit theme files or work with developers to add additional features or functionality.


Skills Required:

  • Understanding a client's creative briefs and designing the equivalent using a combination of existing templates and design customizations.

  • Experienced in using a template driven application (Wordpress, Wix, Drupal etc.) - initial configuration, modifications, and design enhancements.

  • Good understanding of typography (fonts), illustration, iconography, and colour theory.

  • Good graphic designing skills for creating logos, banners, backgrounds and other necessary creatives.

  • Ability to consider content, navigation, structure, and user experience issues to create aesthetic but usable designs, on the underlying platform.

  • Ability to bring up innovative ideas to improve and customize the design/look & feel of existing websites.

  • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS.



  • 1-2years of experience in website designing.

  • Should have a Bachelor's Degree.


Location: Bangalore

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