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Hotels need a high-conversion website & booking engine to grow direct bookings. Voila! You've just found it!

We think of the website and booking engine as one & the same. But, you can opt for either one as well!

What You Can Do With Simplotel Hotel E-Commerce

Everyone loves a fast-loading website — Google bots included!

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Your front desk greets loyal guests by their name. Why doesn’t your website do the same?

  • Drive personalisation by tracking guest behaviour.

  • Nudge repeat visitors to resume their booking journey right where they left off.

How seamless is the e-commerce experience on Amazon!

Then why do hotels treat the website & booking engine as distinct things?

Simplotel lets you create boutique hotel website design
An image of a mobile displaying Simplotel's OTA-like technology.

Ever noticed enticing promotional emails after browsing on OTAs?

Your hotel website can do it too!

'Pay at Hotel’ — a juggling act between increased bookings and no-shows. What if you could provide this only during lean days?

  • Offer 'Pay at Hotel' on certain days of the week, based on occupancy.

  • Provide guests with the option to ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Pay at Hotel’.

An vector image of a man confused between Pay Now & Pay at Hotel.
An image of a young girl with a beanie happy with secret deals.

Shhh… Secret deals for website visitors!

  • Extend member-only deals to logged-in guests.

  • Entice guests who abandon the booking with secret deals via email.

Booking confirmed, but is that all? Now continue selling value-adds to customers.

  • Advertise bookable value add-ons with confirmation & pre-arrival emails.

A young man ecstatic after confirming his reservation on his laptop.
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Shouldn’t launching offers on your website be as easy as posting on Facebook?

  • Update your website in minutes with Simplotel’s Content Management System (CMS).

  • Zero technical skills needed.

A computer screen displaying bespoke website designs for hotel chains.

Hotel chain or a collection? Fabulous! We power 500+ chain hotels as customers.

A vector image of a young man analyzing reports on Simplotel's dashboard.

Without actionable analytics, you're just another hotel with an opinion!

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of guest behaviour on your hotel website & booking engine.

  • Receive actionable alerts on why guests are unable to find what they are looking for.

  • Understand ‘length of stay’ and ‘advanced purchase’ search patterns to craft the right offers.

Are your guests more active on WhatsApp? Now leverage it for effective guest communications.

  • Use WhatsApp to recapture 2x more abandoned bookings.
  • Leverage WhatsApp to drive more upsells through 'welcome' messages sent before check-in.
  • Capture more guest reviews via messages sent instantly after check-out.
  • Send booking updates to guests: confirmations, modifications & cancellations.

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That’s Not All Folks...

App-like user experience on smartphones
App-like user experience on smartphones

Complete flexibility to create offers
Complete flexibility to create offers

Cart abandonment & recapture
Cart abandonment & recapture

Customised guest communication
Customised guest communication

Multilingual websites
Multilingual websites

Certified Google Hotel Ads partner
Certified Google Hotel Ads partner

Seamless two-way integration with leading channel managers & PMSes
Seamless two-way integration with leading channel managers & PMSes

Support for multiple payment gateways
Support for multiple payment gateways

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The Hablis

Rajesh Devarajan (Managing Partner)
We have employees from other 5-star hotels, who had never seen this number of bookings through their website.

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The Serai

Anand Menon (Head of Marketing)
The results have been stunning: the engagement of website visitors has doubled. As one of the leading brands in India, we keep coming up with new ideas and Simplotel’s technology is helping us accelerate the speed of our online campaigns.

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