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Recapture 2x More Abandoned Hotel Bookings With WhatsApp? Now possible!

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Today, successful businesses rely on effective communication to drive customer acquisition. In the travel & hospitality sector, particularly within hotels and resorts, the emphasis lies in crafting unforgettable guest experiences through personalised service and communication. As technology has evolved, businesses have also adopted WhatsApp, not forgetting with emails and SMSes. This presents a significant opportunity for hotels to enhance their communication with guests and drive more conversions. Let’s delve deeper into this phenomenon.

WhatsApp currently ranks among the most widely used communication platforms in India, thanks to its user-friendly interface, practicality, and zero cost of adoption. In our observations, customers tend to be more engaged on WhatsApp compared to emails and SMSes. Online research suggests that WhatsApp messages boast an impressive 98% open rate within the first two hours, which is five times higher than emails and SMSes. Furthermore, WhatsApp boasts a conversion rate of 45-60%, which is 12x higher than the previously mentioned conventional channels. These statistics underscore the significance of harnessing WhatsApp’s potential. Even online travel agencies (OTAs) like MakeMyTrip have embraced WhatsApp to boost conversions and ensure a seamless guest experience.

So, what does WhatsApp for hotels mean?

First, it offers a golden opportunity to remind guests about their upcoming stay. Sending a booking confirmation via WhatsApp streamlines the guest experience, sparing them the hassle of searching through their emails in search of a booking voucher.

Second, it proves to be a highly effective channel for recapturing abandoned bookings. We have observed that sending personalized offers or discounts via WhatsApp to guests who have abandoned their booking process has helped our customers to double their booking conversions from these abandons.

Third, hotels can leverage WhatsApp to drive more upsells through ‘welcome’ messages sent before check-in, resulting in increased add-on revenue.

Fourth, soliciting guest feedback via WhatsApp on the day of departure can bolster customer reviews and provide invaluable insights.


How can Simplotel assist?

We’re delighted to announce that Simplotel is now integrated with WhatsApp. Hotels can now send messages related to confirmed bookings, add-ons, abandoned bookings, cancellations, and modifications. Additionally, hotels can send upsell messages on the day of arrival and request reviews on the day of departure.

The registration process is straightforward: Hotels need to establish an account with Meta, including providing a phone number and certain authorisation credentials. By sharing this information with us, we can automate and send messages on behalf of the hotel. Our team is available to guide you through the entire setup process with Meta.