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Creating hotel chain offers made easy with Simplotel’s Booking Engine!

Creating hotel chain offers made easy with Simplotel s Booking Engine

If you’re a revenue manager of a large hotel chain, we believe one of the most common concerns is ‘how can I create chainwide offers & discounts in one go’. Hotels tend to increase prices when running full and usually provide offers when running lean. So, the necessity for chainwide discounts becomes even more conspicuous when you want to offer last minute deals across all properties. And, if you wish to drive more direct bookings, creating offers is of paramount importance.

Most booking engines today still do not feature this technology. So, at best, you will have to go to each property and tweak the rate plans and discounts manually. The amount of time wasted in setting up offers manually across the chain is significant. Why? A hotel room is a perishable commodity. If you can’t sell it today, then you cannot sell it tomorrow.

The Simplotel advantage:

Simplotel’s Booking Engine, which is part of its Hotel E-commerce product, is optimised for hotel chains and allows them to create chainwide offers instantly. You can create offers for multiple properties in a single-click and also select the rate plans on which the offer applies within the property. Additionally, you can switch between properties and analyse chain-level scorecards. We understand that revenue management is an art as much as it's a science. Simplotel’s Booking Engine is equipped with the latest features to ensure revenue managers create and execute their strategies effectively. (Learn how Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels does 9% of its total occupancy through the Simplotel Booking Engine)