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2017: Demonetisation, online hotel bookings, changing travel trends & more


2016 brought a momentous change in the ways people make their travel bookings. In today’s post, we look at trends that emerged in the hotel and travel industry and look at their significance going forward in to the new year.

Mobile phones became the prime means of booking online, it’s time to build mobile-optimised hotel websites

A record number of smartphones were sold in 2016, meaning more people are now using their mobile phones to access internet. This also means more customers are booking travel using mobile devices – having a mobile-optimised website is of paramount importance for your hotel. Even Google prefers mobile-optimised websites.

Get a great hotel website with an integrated booking engine

Online bookings also saw a rapid growth, a trend that is set to accelerate in the future. A big driver is the convenience for guests to book rooms online. It is time to start selling online if you haven’t already. Check out Simplotel Hotel E-commerce!

Demonetisation Effect, cards are now a preferred mode of payment, set up a POS machine

The great Indian currency ban has acted as a catalyst for plastic money transactions in the country. A survey by a leading online travel agency (OTA) showed that more Indian travelers are now using credit and debit cards to pay for travel bookings. It is time to set-up means of accepting card payments online and at your hotel’s front desk.

More people are booking for Weekend Getaways, set up your special weekend packages in advance

Travelers, especially from metro cities, made more short-haul bookings during the past year. Long weekend bookings witnessed a huge rise in numbers as more people used the opportunities to escape their hectic work schedules. Plan your year in advance to maximise sales during holiday weekends.

The average number of vacations per year is rising, implement a flexible rates & packages policy

In similar vein to booking weekend getaways, holidaymakers are giving preference to multiple short vacations in a calendar year instead of the traditional annual or bi-annual seasonal breaks. This means you need to set up flexible rates and packages outside of standard seasonal offers to benefit.

Independent travel is gaining popularity, offer perks for solo travelers

Solo travel has become increasingly common in the country. The cosmopolitan travelers believe in solitary adventures that take them to new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. If you are operating in a popular adventure destination, you can capitalize on this opportunity by setting up affordable stay options (single bed rooms, dormitory stays etc.) for these travelers.

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