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8 ways the Simplotel Booking Engine helps your hotel’s online business


Customers always prefer a streamlined and easy-to-use way for making an online purchase. That was our first priority while creating the Simplotel Booking Engine. An online booking solution that fully matches the look and feel of your Simplotel brand website and supports multiple payment methods.

Here are eight ways the Simplotel Booking Engine helps you generate and convert more direct hotel bookings,

1. Set payment policies to drive more online bookings

With Simplotel Booking Engine, you can use payment policies to improve seasonal sales on your website by changing the advance amount a customer pays online or by opting for Pay at Hotel.

2. Instant notification when a customer leaves your website without completing a booking

Follow up on potential leads with Simplotel Booking Engine’s abandoned cart notification feature. We also report the reason a customer did not book, making it easy for you to promptly address their concern.

3. Integrate inventory with your reservation desk

Simplotel offers a leap forward in offline room bookings by integrating your reservation desk with your hotel booking engine. You can now send quotes and custom invoices, hold inventory and offer special discounts to customers, all from one place. Guests get a direct payment link via email and the hotel and the guest are instantly notified upon a successful transaction. Learn more about the Simplotel Reservation Desk!

4. SMS Confirmations to the hotel and guests

A quick and easy way to update everyone about online bookings. When your hotel gets an online booking or receives an online payment, you are notified via an SMS alert. Similarly, the guests are also notified of the status of their booking. Adding that extra bit to a seamless guest experience.

5. 'Day of Arrival' & 'Day of Departure' emails

Greeting guests when they arrive and sending a 'Thank You!' note when they check-out adds a personal touch to their experience. It’s these small gestures that help you build customer loyalty. The good news, it is all automated with Simplotel Booking Engine.

6. Integrated with your Simplotel brand website

When you opt for a Simplotel Website Builder and Booking Engine — it means you do not need to update the room and facilities information on two separate places. Everything you update on your website automatically shows up on the Booking Engine.

7. Auto-create promotions on your website

Creating seasonal discount promotions has become a whole lot easier with Simplotel Booking Engine. You can now auto create promotions on your website directly from the booking engine settings. Simply opt to display special seasonal rates as a promotion on your hotel website, Voilà!

8. Application like easy-to-use interface

Customer experience on mobile is all the more important since more than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. The Simplotel Booking Engine is designed to work like a mobile app, thus making it very easy for customers using smartphones and tablets to book a hotel online.

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