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Summit Hotels does 25% of total occupancy through Simplotel

Simplotel Website Builder & Booking Engine Hits 15% | Simplotel Reservation Desk Does 10% Of Total Room Nights

Summit Hotels & Resorts is a premium leisure hospitality brand headquartered in the Indian state of West Bengal. The hotel chain prides itself on providing the true Himalayan hospitality experience, like no other hotel, across beautiful hill stations in India and Bhutan.

Summit Grace Hotel and Spa  Darjeeling

Sumit Mitruka, CEO & Co-founder of Summit Hotels & Resorts, launched the hotel in 2010. The young CEO at the time was gaining notches on his belt by working with hotels in the United Kingdom. He decided to launch Summit Hotels after identifying a market gap as standard accommodation did not exist across hill stations in India. “Our hospitality embodies the spirit and sentiment of the Himalayas and its people across all our properties,” he says. This Himalayan touch has been the unique selling proposition (USP) for Summit Hotels, which has helped it scale to an impressive portfolio of 25 properties in just over a decade.

Summit Hotels & Resorts currently uses the Simplotel Hotel E-commerce platform (Simplotel Website Builder & Simplotel Booking Engine) as well as the Simplotel Reservation Desk (a central reservation software for hotels that helps the hotel reservation desk convert more phone calls through automation).

“When I started business in 2010, it was difficult to find a standardized website provider. Our website was not very interactive. The Simplotel Hotel E-commerce platform has transformed our website and booking engine into a revenue generator. Within a couple of years, we now do 15% of our total occupancy through the website & booking engine,” says Sumit. Pre-Simplotel, the Summit Hotels & Resorts never used a booking engine. Business was generated primarily through direct sales and OTAs. After onboarding Simplotel, the major leg work was done by the hospitality chain’s management. The team had to realign their policies and promotions with their brand strategy across its entire portfolio to leverage Simplotel’s technology in the best possible way.

View at Summit Alpine Resort Lachung Hotels in Lachung 7

Sumit believes that the Simplotel Reservation Desk is a more powerful tool with a lot of potential. “In my 10 years of experience, I have not come across such a customer relationship management (CRM) system that solves the concerns of the reservation desk. It’s really shocking because whenever I talk to a software vendor, I’m told that such a product should exist. This tool really has a lot of potential. Currently, we do 10% of our total occupancy through Simplotel’s Reservation Desk.”

Overall, the Himalayan hospitality chain does 25% of its total occupancy through Simplotel. Sumit believes that Simplotel’s USPs are its incredible return on investment, easy interface and great customer support team.

To be successful in hospitality, he concludes that hotels must find a right balance between leveraging technology and providing a personalized experience.

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