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Should Google My Business page be a vital part of your hotel marketing strategy?

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Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the buzzword in every business’ digital marketing strategy. And, it’s Google that has become synonymous with online searching. According to online statistics, the mighty search giant accounts for nearly 76% and 86% of desktop-web and mobile-web traffic respectively. Additionally, nearly 80% of travellers today decide on accommodation online.
Cue: Google My Business (GMB). It is one of the most undervalued features of Google. It is actually a great tool, and also free, that opens up a plethora of opportunities towards SEO and boosting online presence for any business, not just for hotels.

How can hotels optimise their GMB listing?

1. Leverage “Near Me” searches

Online surveys suggest that when travelers search for hotels with the “near me” option, they are already in the mindset of booking a hotel. And if you have all your information readily available on your GMB listing, the probability of converting your potential customer is higher. Also, domestic travel is gaining prevalence post COVID-19. Therefore, local “near me” searches are vital towards driving business for your hotel.

2. Providing detailed and accurate information

GMB has provided two new features which are “Health & safety” and “COVID-19 responder policy”. Guests are not only looking for economical rates but also safety protocols. Filling out these fields helps you to assuage their concerns. A contact number will help them get in touch and provide immediate response from your team. Additionally, by displaying more information, your hotel has a better chance of ranking higher on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). The higher you rank, the more likely the conversion.

3. Capitalize on reviews

Do not underestimate the power of reviews which in turn influences your Google star rating. This means that customers form an opinion of your hotel even before they step into your lobby. And Google reviews is one of the major contributing factors. Your GMB listing allows you to display and respond to reviews. This helps you to display your credibility, concern for guest experience and appreciation for guests. Keep in mind, if you get a negative review, responding to them is considered a good practice as it portrays accountability towards dealing with crises.

4. Google Posts

Use Google Posts to boost your SEO. It is a great feature that allows you to display content directly on SERPs. You also get a notification of how many views your post has garnered. With high quality content (videos and photos), your hotel is able to boost brand awareness and also reach a wider audience. It can also improve your chances of conversion by speeding up the guest’s decision-making process.

5. Gain from “Price Insights”

Your hotel might be currently running discounts or has the best price for hotels in your region. But how do you convey this to your customer? The answer: GMB. When a guest searches for a hotel on Google, GMB also displays “price insights”. This helps guests to evaluate hotels and choose the most economical one. Also, if Google does display hotels with lower prices, you have a good chance of featuring in that listing.

The Simplotel advantage

Simplotel has proven digital marketing specialists who have driven successful Google Ads campaigns through SEO (both content & technical). We also provide regular feedback on how you can optimize your GMB in accordance with digital marketing strategy. Get in touch with our team to help your hotel scale Mt. Google.