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Taking hours to respond to booking inquiries? Simplotel Reservation Desk is here to help!

A central reservation software infographic highlighting Simplotel s Reservation Desk s features

Does your hotel’s reservation team struggle with converting leads from phone calls? We understand this is still a manual process if you don’t have the right set of tools. Let us explore the various instances where these conversion opportunities are usually missed.

A guest calls up the hotel to ask for a quote.

1. The quotes are not delivered to the guest within minutes

When your reservations team is busy answering phone calls and has to send quotes manually, they might miss out on sending the quote on time. During this period the guest might have changed their decision, booked another hotel or, in a worst-case scenario, gotten angry.

2. Wrong quote delivered

It is probable that the constant work pressure might result in either sending wrong quotes to guests or there might be errors in the quotes, which would cost your hotel bookings.

3. Following up on inquiries

With their work cut out, the reservations team may not find the time to follow up on each and every lead. Even if the guest likes the quote, they would need to call the hotel again to make a booking and this is what follows:
The reservations team would then send a payment link.
The guest would make the payment and would call the hotel again to confirm the same.

4. Reconciliation of payments

After the guest makes a booking, the reservations team has to input the booking into the system and add the payment confirmation number for records. This would have to be conveyed to the finance department for reconciliation. Only then will the guest receive a confirmation voucher. All this work becomes drudgery for the reservations team.

The Simplotel Advantage:

Simplotel’s Reservation Desk streamlines this entire process through automation. The reservations team, at the click of a button, gets the hotel’s tariffs and applies discounts according to your hotel’s policy. A templatized quote is then sent to the guest after entering their contact details. The template contains text (which can be customized), along with your hotel logo, room pictures and a ‘Book Now’ button. The guest can click on the ‘Book Now’ button and confirm their reservation.

If the guest insists on booking at that instant, Simplotel’s Reservation Desk helps the agent to email a tentative booking subject to payment. Final prices can also be overridden in case of additional discounts being offered to the guest. These emails are embedded with a ‘Pay Now’ button.

Simplotel’s Reservation Desk also does automated follow-ups where mailers as sent as the booking deadline comes closer. To top it off, your hotel also gets actionable analytics that helps you drive more bookings through phone calls. Our solution improves guest experience, drives online conversions, and saves time & effort.

The best part of Simplotel’s Reservation Desk is that the finance department can track bookings accurately as each booking has a transaction ID that helps in the reconciliation of payments. This is all accomplished in less than a minute.

That’s not all folks! We have seamless two-way integration with leading channel managers & property management systems. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to answer the phone!