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Use nearby events to increase your hotel’s online sales


Events are a huge opportunity for hoteliers to attract more customers, and they also act as a source of new information to put up on your hotel website. As search engines are now giving preference to websites with fresh and updated content the information in turn brings increased traffic for your website, hence, more revenue.

Here we are listing a number of ways you can use events organized nearby your hotel (or in your city/locality) to boost online sales:

Offer relevant information to your customers

Keep a tab on upcoming events and post information such as time, duration, and directions, on your website. Customers following the event may end up on your website and choose to book with you for a stay.

With prior knowledge, you can also adjust your inventory and rates accordingly, giving you an edge over the competition.

Run promotions & offers to entice customers

Events such as music shows, art exhibitions and award functions are known to attract people. You can capitalize on this rush hour by running some themed promotions, prompting customers to book with your hotel for an immersive experience.

For example, if there is a popular rock concert happening near your hotel, you can promote your hotel by putting up artistic imagery in the lobby and rooms. You can also use such images in your online promotions and offer discounted rates (or charge higher if the event is widely attended) on bookings made for the event dates.

Social Media

Most event organizers and their followers interact through social media pages. You can join the fray by posting content about your hotel and special offers on these pages. This will definitely attract the attention of those planning to attend.

In case you are already joined by some guests attending that event, quote them in your posts and share pictures & videos to get more online bookings.

Target your audience in advance

Pre-planned campaigns for upcoming events can get you significantly more bookings. Create targeted ads on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) and redirect them to your hotel website. Make sure you are targeting the right audience (e.g. age, gender, profession etc.) in your ads.

A crucial part of such campaigns is your hotel’s ability to accept direct bookings online – A brand website and integrated booking engine are must haves for such a task. Simplotel offers out-of-the-box website and booking engine software for hotels.

Keep your room rates and inventory synced

Customers are likely to check your hotel’s tariff from a number of OTA sources before booking online. Make sure that you are offering similar rates across all your online and offline channels. Encourage customers to book directly from your website by offering additional perks and freebies (you can use the offers and promotions to this effect).

A comprehensive reservation desk solution can make this task easier, Simplotel offers a reservation desk solution that lets you seamlessly update rates and inventory across 60+ OTA channels and offer customized discounts to customers booking through call and email.

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