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What makes a great video for a hotel website?

What makes a great video for a hotel website

According to studies online, the average internet user would have spent nearly 100 minutes each day watching online videos in 2021. This consumption has largely been driven by over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix & Amazon Prime, advances in smartphone technology & data connectivity, and lest we forget, the pandemic.

For marketeers, the explosion of video content has been revolutionary. Brands have leveraged social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat to amplify their reach.

It is no secret that videos are the most sought-after form of content, and hotels need to make it a part of their digital marketing strategy. It helps potential guests to gauge expectation with regards to their stay and also get a gist of the property in a minute without having to read anything.So what makes a great video for a hotel website?


If you wish to display a video on your website’s homepage, then the ideal length of the video (also called a banner video) should be between 30 and 90 seconds. Visitors are more likely to watch shorter videos all the way through. This may also help improve the bounce rate of your website by keeping viewers hooked. Also, the video size should at most be 60 MB. This will keep the time frame short and ensure an optimal load time.

Get your story right

It is crucial to know what your customers are looking for. Your video needs to capture the full experience proffered by your property while appealing to the visitor’s emotions. Do not resort to the age-old practice of starting at the entrance and providing a guided tour. Instead, a little artistic direction that highlights your value propositions will go a long way. If the swimming pool is what draws people in, then start from there. Use soft motions, slow pans and gradual zooms to breathe life into your video. If you are using a video for the main banner of the property, then ensure that it covers all the things you want your customers to know — banqueting, dining, weddings, etc.

Cue music

It goes without saying - the feel of the background music should provide essence to the video. Soft and soothing audio, timed well with the video is your best bet.

Be cognizant of your customer

Always set the audio playback to mute by default. This helps visitors peruse your website in discretion, even in a public setting. For instance, guests wouldn't want music playing out loud at work while browsing through your hotel website. Additionally, some browsers also mute videos that have sound turned on by default.

Shoot in landscape

It is advisable to capture your property in landscape, as this works best for computer screens. You don't necessarily have to use drones as there could be elements around your property that diminish the overall aesthetic, which would in turn hurt your brand image.
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