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Does your booking engine still load on a third-party domain? This could cost you bookings!

Whitelabel your booking engine

A hotel booking engine is an important software that provides guests with information regarding the availability of rooms, rates, and the option to book them. This in turn, is linked to a payment gateway, which processes payments. .

A booking engine can exist on the same domain as the website, or on a third-party domain. For instance, consider a hotel called Hotel California, with its brand website called www.hotelcalifornia.com. The uniform resource locator (URL) is the complete web address and in our case is www.hotelcalifornia.com, while hotelcalifornia is the domain name. Often, the booking engine will load on the domain of the third-party service provider (for example, www.bookings.simplotel.com). Therefore, when the guest shifts between the hotel website and the booking engine, the domain changes, making it a disjointed experience. Hotels can lose customers here as they are being redirected to a third-party website.

With Simplotel, Hotel California’s booking engine would be https://bookings.hotelcalifornia.com/. Simplotel does not charge for white-labelling (rebranding a product/service made by another brand) the booking engine URL. We believe white-labelling the booking engine URL is a must for any hotel because the guest experience is much more seamless and credible when the hotel brand website and booking engine are on the same domain.

The Simplotel Advantage

At Simplotel, we believe that the Simplotel Website Builder and the Simplotel Booking Engine are synergistic and they together form the Simplotel Hotel E-commerce solution. Simplotel white-labels the booking engine URL to your hotel’s domain name to help you drive more direct bookings.

Our booking engines and websites also communicate well with each other. We track the behaviour of guests who have already visited your website and nudge them to resume their booking journey from where they left off. Our analytics capture user journeys as they navigate from the website to the booking engine and also tell you if your booking engine funnel is choked. This technology is similar to online travel agencies (OTAs), which ultimately help to drive more conversions through personalisation.