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Grow direct bookings for hotels

Blog 25-Grow Direct Bookings

Today an increasing number of customers find out about a hotel on the internet – much before they come to the lobby of the hotel. They discover and learn about the hotel using a variety of online channels such as,

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

  • Hotel’s Brand Website Social media such as TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram

  • Search engines such as Google and Bing to learn about the hotel and choose where they are going to stay

Therefore a hotel needs to actively manage all the digital channels. The online travel agents drive significant traffic and business for the hotels. However, they are also an expensive channel – charging commissions of up to 25-30% in some cases. Hoteliers need to ensure that their direct online channels (i.e., their social media channel and website) are engaging. The social media properties and the search engines will ultimately bring people to the website. This part, in e-commerce parlance, is called traffic. But it is only a third of the problem. Once you get traffic on your website, your website should engage the customers and ultimately convert them. Unfortunately a lot of websites today are dated and do not show the property well. Customers either call and make the reservation, bounce off the website and make the reservation at the Online travel agency costing a huge commission, or worse they may book a different hotel.

Therefore to do digital marketing the first thing the hotel management must improve is their website. The website should engage the customers and make it really easy for them to make a reservation. This is easier said than done.

Most websites today were built by people who know little about e commerce or online. They don’t provide much information or images about the property. They don’t work on devices that consumers are using today. Simplotel provides an easy solution:

  • A website that can be controlled by Marketeers. They can update it with no technical work.

  • A website that works well on all devices

  • A website that has all the e-commerce sensibilities (prominent booking buttons), loads quickly.

  • Modern template. If you want a different template you just choose one of our many templates.

  • Website that is optimized for search engines – that automates most of the SEO work that you do.

For more information send an email to hello@simplotel.com or call us at (+91) 804 812 4881.