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How can hotels improve their Tripadvisor ranking?

How can hotels improve their Tripadvisor rating

According to studies available online, 96% of internet users consider online reviews as paramount towards decision-making. With regards to travel, over 80% of guests decide online about where they want to stay. These statistics have already risen considering the pandemic-induced uncertainty, strict social-distancing norms and quarantine coupled with proliferation of smartphones and digital media. Therefore, the importance of online reviews for hotels cannot be ignored any more.

According to Tripadvisor, it is the world’s largest travel platform that helps nearly 500 million travellers each month make their trip the best trip. With nearly 8.6 million listed accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines and cruises, it is vital for hotels to feature on this popular travel site.

How to boost your Tripadvisor ranking?

Complete your profile

Hotels should provide accurate and complete information such as contact details (phone number, physical location, email ID, website link, etc), high quality images that depict your property and its amenities accurately and a relevant description.

Quantity of reviews

More reviews indicate more footfall at your hotel. Potential visitors read this as a credible business that has a loyal customer base.

Quality of reviews

It is equally important to get higher ratings for reviews, which means that your customer service is highly appreciated. Also, if you do get a bad review, it is best practice to respond to it. Online studies say that 85% of visitors agree that a thoughtful response to a review would improve their impression of the hotel.

Recency of reviews

Tripadvisor uses its Popularity Ranking algorithm which attributes more weight to recent reviews than to past ones. Therefore, even if your hotel had received average ratings in the past, but 5-star ratings recently, you may get a boost in your ranking. It would also help customers anticipate their stay based on the latest trends.


Simplotel pro tips to improve hotel reviews:

  • It is preferable to ask your guests to write reviews once they have left your property. Using the hotel Wi-Fi to write reviews could get your IP address flagged on Tripadvisor.

  • Take complaints seriously. Go talk to your guests at the breakfast table and ask them how their stay was. If something is not up to the mark, do your best to make it right before they leave the property. This will not only help in getting a favourable review but will also create a good impression about your hotel.

  • Follow up on emails to receive reviews and feedback.

  • Analyze feedback by comparing reviews with those of your competitors. It will help your hotel to identify areas of improvement.