Ever thought of over 100% occupancy? Now you can by selling Day-Use rooms on your hotel’s brand website

How can hotels leverage day-use rooms to hit over 100% occupancy?

Sometimes, hotel guests need rooms for a day instead of an overnight stay. For instance, a guest has arrived in the morning and has a connecting flight later in the evening. Hotels can now capture this demand by making rooms available during the day that they normally sell for overnight stays.

Day-use rooms, also known as day stays or day-use hotels, are essentially the same rooms offered by hotels for overnight reservations. The key distinction is that these rooms are made available for ‘short durations’ during the day, enabling guests to check in and check out the same day.

Advantages of day-use rooms for guests

Day-use rooms are pocket-friendly for guests as they pay less than they would have to pay for an entire overnight reservation. This feature gives guests the freedom and convenience to manage their schedules and budget, while also enjoying a comfortable stay.

Advantages of day-use rooms for hotels

For hotels, this is also an opportunity to sell a room that might otherwise be empty during the day. Day-use rooms can help hotels achieve over 100% occupancy rates. By maximising asset utilisation and ensuring perpetual usage of their property, hotels can generate revenue from inventory that would otherwise remain unsold during the day. Our data and experience reveal that day-use rooms prove particularly effective for hotels catering to transit travellers.

Furthermore, day-use rooms help guests to also engage with on-site businesses such as spas, restaurants, bars, gyms, and more. Online research indicates that hotels offering day-use rooms generate 20% more revenue compared to those exclusively providing overnight stays.

Target guests

We have identified four types of guests who benefit from day-use rooms:

Transit travellers

Day-use rooms offer a respite for travellers facing long layovers, early arrivals, or late departures.

Working professionals

Ideal for professionals constantly on the move for business purposes. For instance, some professionals who are still on a work-from-home setup, book day-use rooms to conduct virtual interviews, meetings, etc. to ensure no disturbance and better privacy.

Leisure guests

Guests seeking a 'daycation' or 'staycation' can take advantage of day-use rooms, making use of amenities like spas, restaurants, bars, and gyms.


Hotels located near hospitals can utilise day-use rooms to provide affordable accommodations for guests dealing with medical or other emergencies.

How can Simplotel help?

Simplotel introduces Day-Use Rooms on the Simplotel Booking Engine, offering customers the following benefits:

Offer guests the choice between day-use and overnight bookings

Guests can now choose between day-use and overnight stays on the Simplotel Booking Engine. This flexibility will help you drive more direct bookings through your brand website and eventually more footfall to your lobby.

Create time-based rate plans

Hotels can now decide during what times of the day they wish to permit day-use rooms. If your staff is tied up with breakfast rush until 10am, you can specify that the earliest day-use check in would be at 10:30 am. Therefore, hotels can create different day-use rate plans by specifying duration. This helps hotels to decide when to accommodate day-use guests. These rate plans automatically hide once the check-in time elapses on the Simplotel Booking Engine.

Sell add-ons

Hotels can now showcase additional amenities with day-use rooms on the Simplotel Booking Engine such as access to gyms, spas, restaurants & bars or other activities ringing in more revenue. You can even sell day excursions!

Separate inventory

On the Simplotel Booking Engine, hotels can allocate rooms exclusively for day-use stays or allocate the same rooms that are used for overnight stays, ensuring efficient management of bookings.

The day-use rooms feature is available to all our customers who use the Simplotel Booking Engine, and hotels can reach out to us for more information. Now explore the possibilities of selling day-use rooms with Simplotel and enhance your hotel's revenue and occupancy!