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After you go live with Simplotel


Excited that your hotel is now live with Simplotel Hotel E-commerce (Website Builder and Booking Engine)? Well, we are too – and while we have already done a ton of things such as – clean & structured coding, proper tags & sitemaps, and search engine optimization from the ground up – to optimize user experience on your hotel’s website and make it SEO friendly, you can still increase your incoming traffic by following several activities we are listing here today.

Improve your third-party channels

Good listings on third party channels like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and OTAs increase online visibility of your brand and drive more customers to your brand website. All these channels act as billboards for your hotel website and you should totally utilize these channels for online growth. Make sure that your TripAdvisor page is updated with images and content so that you can make a solid first impression on prospective guests. Google Reviews are posted on your hotel’s Google My Business page, so make sure the page is up-to-date. Improve the info on your OTA listings as well. Also, keep track of your inventory and rates to avoid negative customer reviews.

Engage customers through content updates

Maintain the freshness of content on your website by posting weekly or fortnightly updates that detail the happenings at your hotel and in its vicinity. Guests arriving in your city for a holiday will love to learn more about the destinations they can visit, so include them on a separate page as well. Also, you can promote your USPs – such as banquet hall facilities, diner, and restaurant on the website.

Do not forget to provide links between your webpages and multiple properties (in case you are a hotel chain) when you post new content updates.

Link your social media and blogs to the website

Social media is an important channel for spreading brand awareness. Begin your online social media marketing by creating pages on all popular platforms, namely – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter & Co. Keep your content in sync across the social media pages and provide links to your website.

Going one step further, you can also invite well followed bloggers to write about your hotel or resort and link those articles to your website.

Offers and promotions to convert more leads

Online offers have proven to be effective in driving conversions on brand websites. You can experiment with promotions time to time and see which ones works best for your hotel. Also, try using pay @ hotel or partial up-front online payments – this can have a significant effect on your online conversions.

Offline and email marketing

Personalize the stationary items, livery and other general inventory items at your resort with your brand logo and promotional messages such as – best price on your website – and honor the offer to leave a positive impression on guests. You can also place sign boards around the hotel or resort to promote your offers and promotions.

Finally, utilize email marketing to drive more traffic to your brand website – collect email addresses of your customers, and utilize this database to send out mails asking for reviews (on TripAdvisor & co.) and other marketing mailers.

Have any questions about this post? You can drop us a mail at hello@simplotel.com.