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With Google Hotel Ads, you’re going to need a bigger welcome mat

The rise of internet search and social media sites has changed how travellers search for and book hotels. Before making any travel decision, users will most likely begin the process on a search engine – and with the advent of Google hotel ads – even end the process there itself.

According to a study by Ipsos MediaCT, 57% of leisure and of 64% business travellers always start their journey with a Google search. Hotels have for years struggled to increase their direct revenue. If you want your hotel to get more visibility but without a loss of direct revenue and customer relationship, Google Hotel Ads is the way forward.

What is it, and how does it work? 

Google Hotel Ads simply integrates the booking process with its search engine. When travellers search for a hotel on Google, they are shown blurbs about hotels, their contact details, pricing, reviews, and even the feature to book online.


As with OTAs and hotel websites, you can choose the check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, and browse amenities, directions, etc.


The integration with Google Maps helps further, especially if the property is well located. Premier Inn was able to captures 40% more bookings from new customers with Google Hotel Ads.

But the real strength lies in helping you increase direct bookings through this process. Let’s see how that works.

It’s easy to launch the campaign; you just need to connect with an authorized Integration Partner, like Simplotel. We will not just provide room rates and availability to Google, but also set up bids and manage the whole campaign on your behalf. The major advantage is that you have the choice to choose between Cost Per Click and Cost Per Acquisition pricing models – you can even switch between the two. Here are some other benefits –

1. Reach your guests easily

Travellers and guests start their booking journey on Google, particularly the millennials. They also browse through a range of devices, from desktops to smartphones. Google Hotel Ads help you display your property on these devices, on Google.com and Google Maps. This means you can be where your potential guests are. They will be able to see you when they are out to search a hotel like yours.
Since these travellers already have the immediate intent, placing your hotel in such a location is like building a property in prime real estate market.

2. Own the customer relationship

With the Google Ads campaign, you can own the guest relationship. You will get confirmation emails, answer any booking queries, and handle changes in reservation or cancellation. Right from the moment a guest books his stay with you, to the moment he checks out – you own the customer relationship.

3. You can pay commission for just confirmed bookings

Google Hotel Ads offer the option of choosing between Cost Per Click (CPC) model and the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). While CPC has the advantages of traditional pay per click advertising, with a fixed commission model you don’t have to worry about yields and acquisition costs. This helps in keeping the ROI under check.

The Simplotel advantage – Simplotel has partnered with Google to integrate your hotel with this exclusive service. Google Hotel Ads showcase your hotel at the top of the search result page, complete with a Book Now link. We’re already seeing a jump of about 33% in the direct bookings of hotels.


Google is the world’s largest search engine, and a key influencer in the decision making process of individuals. Placing your hotel on this platform will deliver better yield and higher conversions than any other advertising platform. Hotels like Hilton Worldwide have witnessed a 45% increase in conversions, and there’s no reason why your hotel should lag behind.

To get started, you can request a free consultation, or drop in a mail at hello@simplotel.com or call us at +91 804 812 4881.